How Michael J Tuttle faked the Apollo Moon pictures.
This web page will reveal how Michael J Tuttle faked the Apollo training simulation photographs, using Photoshop 3, and then posted them on NASA web sites as being genuine photographs taken on the Moon. I regularly get e-mail from PAN's claiming that digital manipulation of photographs was not available back in 1969. People have been creating fake photo's ever since the camera was invented, and who is saying the pictures were faked back in 1969 anyway?
PAN's don't seem to understand that THE MAJORITY OF NASA's FAKE MOON PICTURES WERE CREATED IN THE MID 1990's. The proof lies in the fact that most do not appear in any books or magazines prior to 1990.
Ninety five percent of NASA's fake Moon pictures on their web sites, WERE NEVER SEEN PRIOR TO THE LAUNCH OF THE INTERNET. They had to produce a considerable number of fake Moon pictures, for all six missions, otherwise the public would want to know why there were so few. Not all of NASA's fake Apollo pictures have been altered with Photoshop. The main Apollo 11 picture of Buzz Aldrin, as well press released pictures from Apollo 12 and Apollo 14 showing astronauts holding the flag. All of these press release pictures were taken in the fake Moonscape at Langley Research Center, and did not require any alteration to pass off as a Moon photograph.
NASA instructed Michael J Tuttle at the Smithsonian center, to conjure up some photographs that could be passed off as Moon pictures taken on Apollo Moon missions, and here's how he did it using Photoshop 3, and other image software.
This beach photograph above, was taken from Tuttle's web site. Let's do some PIXEL TRICKS manipulation with
the image above, using Photoshop, and the same tactics as Tuttle, to make a fake Moon picture.
First turn image into 8 bit grayscale, that's "black & white" for you PAN's who fail to grasp 8 bit grayscale.
Next black the sky using spray or paint infill.
We now reverse the orientation of image.
By now you should get where I am coming from, and where I'm going to. If that person with hang glider were not in the pic, and the ruffled sand were smoothed out a bit, you would have a TYPICAL NASA FAKE MOON PICTURE. All you need to do is paste your astronaut where you want him. The few blades of grass can easily be erased, its just that I do not need to go the whole hog to get the point across.
Notice total absence of tire tracks directly behind the Moon buggy rear wheel. The Moon buggy and it's shadow have been pasted onto photograph, OR if buggy was genuinely in picture, it's been lowered by crane.
However when you were exposed on this web site back in 1997, they quickly disappeared from the Internet, only for them to re-appear later with, of course, your name removed from picture. You also created the 360 degree landing site FAKE shots. Notice in third picture, how the lunar rover tracks end abruptly. A classic example of poor picture editing using Photoshop.
The two pictures below are from a NASA web site. It shows how the images were altered from the original scene. The picture left appears to have a dark sunset at top section, whilst the picture on right shows differing textures between sky line, foreground and pasted mountains.
Now before idiotic PAN's begin e-mailing me suggesting I doctored the photophotos, I will repeat, THE PICTURES ARE FROM A NASA ARCHIVE SITE. Incidentally Tuttle has owned up to digitally altering Apollo pictures (see APOLLO FEEDBACK). For years PAN's, and NASA, have denied the Moon photophotos were fake. Now the truth is out NASA may as well admit defeat. The game is definitely up.
Come along Michael you know full well what appears here is the truth, and you can't deny it because the evidence is clearly overwhelming. In case you have forgotten, I reproduce the pictures below to refresh your memory. These FAKE pictures, altered with Photoshop, and with your name at the bottom, were displayed on the Internet as genuine Moon photographs before 1998.
Hundreds of questions have been put to NASA regarding the alleged Moon photographs, and not once have they replied
with a logical explanation. One of those questions was:- "Why are some Moon photographs in color, whilst others are in monochrome?" According to NASA no expense was spared with Apollo, so why the difference, why aren't ALL the photographs in color? The answer to that question is quite simple. A few color photographs were taken during the Apollo 11 to Apollo 17 period. Those photographs were taken at the Moonscape studio at Langley for press release.
However in later years, when the Internet came into existence, the public wanted to see more photographs from those Apollo missions, and, of course, none were available. Using the method shown above, it was easier to compose a picture in 8 bit gray scale, and in any case if Tuttle had left the original colors, in picture, it would be obvious the surface was nothing more than sand.
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